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Designed for those who would appreciate one-to-one assistance in planning and collating their website copy and images, plus a professional opinion and sounding board to ensure your new website is everything you need it to be, featuring…

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ONE-TO-ONE planning
and pre-build support

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Step One: Planning and Prep

  1. ‘What If?’ Skype Strategy Session, phone call or in-person meeting (location permitting) shortly after booking

  2. Pre-build questionnaire to give me all the inside info about you, your business, your ideal client, your current frustrations, your online goals and other bits and bobs like social media logins.

  3. Extensive PDF content guide sent to you upon booking to help you put together your website’s text and images, plus some homework for you to get really clear about what you want your website to say about you and your business and who you want to appeal to.

  4. Four 10-15 minute Skype Check-In Sessions or phone calls to ask any questions and ensure all your content preparation is on track for the build.

  5. Site map created by me.

  6. Wireframe (layout plan) of two pages of your choice created by me, to help you visualise your website when you write your copy.

  7. Personalised copy and image guidance, plus proofread of your copy.

  8. Collaborative mood board, if required.


Step Two: Build Slot

  1. ‘Coming Soon’ cover page connected to your domain.*

  2. Up to 10 pages.

  3. Blog included as standard.

  4. Social media integration.

  5. Mailchimp integration, if required.

  6. Acuity integration, if required.

  7. Two rounds of revisions.

  8. Upload and use of custom fonts.

  9. Customised icons and graphics.

  10. Extra coding to stand out from the crowd.

  11. Advanced SEO setup.

    + extra page £150
    + online store from £350


Step Three: Aftercare

  1. An in-person or online meeting where I’ll share my screen and show you how to maintain the essentials of your Squarespace website.

  2. 30 minutes of email assistance and 1 hour of hands-on assistance in the first two weeks after handover


build timeline

  • Consultation Call

    If you're interested in a Custom Build, scheduling a 30-minute complimentary Consultation Call is the best way to ask any questions you might have and to help us both decide if we're the right fit to work together. There's no sales pressure, I hate that as much as you do.

  • Secure Your Build Slot

    When you decide to go ahead, you can secure your slot in my diary by signing your contract electronically and paying your first invoice, which amounts to 50% of the cost of your package plus any add-ons you've chosen.

  • Planning and Prep

    I'l be there to guide you every step of the way through planning and creating your website's content. I'll give you personalised advice on copy, imagery and branding and we'll either meet in person, chat on the phone or talk on Skype/Zoom regularly in the run up to your build slot to make sure everything is going smoothly. What's more, if you need help finding a copywriter, photographer, branding designer or social media specialist, I'll be there to not only help you find them, but work closely with them to ensure we are all on the same page.

  • Sitemap and Wireframe

    Shortly before your build slot, I'll create a sitemap to demonstrate how I expect your pages to link to one another and how your navigation and menu will work. This is especially important if you have a blog or online store. I'll also create a mock-up of your home page and another page of your choice to give you an idea of the design direction I imagine for your site.

  • Skype Strategy Session

    We'll jump on Skype in the first day or two of your build slot. We'll talk through my ideas and you can give me your own input. It's also a great time to ask any last minute questions.

  • The Build Slot and Revisions

    Now you put your feet up while I get to work. I'll send you a first draft of your website in about a week's time. You'll be able to send me all of your feedback on the first draft. I'll make any required changes and then as soon as your second invoice is paid, I'll have your brand new website up and running on your domain.

  • Handover Session

    We'll meet again on Skype and I'll go through all the ins-and-outs of how to manage your website by sharing my screen with you. I'll also record my screen and send you the video later so you can refer back to it if you want to. I'm also here to answer questions and give you some hands-on help for two weeks (for a total of one hour) after you take over your site. Squarespace is really intuitive, but it's good to know you're not being thrown in at the deep end alone!


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