Small Goals: December 2018


If you aren’t familiar with the Small Goals movement, it’s a blog series started by Bloggers across the globe get together to share their month-sized goals and reflect on the ones that came before. Feel free to write your own Small Goals post and drop the link off at


1.     Complete ‘Couch to 5K’ (again).

In late September, I was happily running 5k three times a week after completing the Couch to 5K programme through the NHS app. If you aren’t familiar, it’s a programme that gets you from being a total non-runner (which I was) to being able to run 5k comfortably in just nine weeks. There are a few different apps that guide you through the running and walking intervals but I use the official National Health Service one, which has a selection of celeb voices – I have Jo Whiley – available to coach you through your run. Everything was going swimmingly and I was super proud of myself for completing the course over the summer. However, a few events in my personal life in October plus the colder and darker nights meant that I found many a reason not to lace up my trainers and well, I ended up not running once at all in about six weeks. Determined not to give up on running, I got back on track, bought some cold weather running gear and went out again a handful of times in the past fortnight… phew, I’ve lost my stamina a little! I’ve decided to go back a couple of weeks in the C25k programme and get back to an easy 5k asap!

2.     Volunteer over Christmas.

I’ve recently found out that my Xmas plans have fallen through, which prompted me to finally take some action on something I’ve been saying I wanted to do for YEARS. Volunteering in general, but particularly over Christmas, is one of those things I’ve been ‘meaning to get around to’ for a very long time. Writing that out makes me feel like I’m the most selfish person on earth, but in my previous job it wouldn’t have been possible with being out of the house 60 hours a week over 6 days! However, one of the motivating factors in my decision to build my own business was the fact that I’d have the flexibility to give more time to myself and to others. I’ve got a few ideas in the pipeline for long-term volunteering but right now I’m focusing on finding opportunities over Xmas and getting a taste of what else I might be able to do going forward.

3.     Meditate daily.

 I’m totally not sold on this meditation lark, but everyone I know who does it seems to love it, so I’m going to give it my best shot. I have a very talkative inner voice and I’ve been prone to anxiety in the past due to PCTSD, so I’m a prime candidate to benefit from regular meditation. I’ve downloaded the Calm app and paid for a monthly subscription and I’m willing to give it a month or so. It can’t be any worse than when everyone told me I should try yoga (spoiler alert: I hated it).

4.     Start posting to the blog 3x a week.

Content marketing has always been the goal for my blog. I am constantly fielding requests for help via email and Facebook, so I know there are plenty of people out there looking for assistance with their Squarespace sites. I’ve made a blogging schedule before but never managed to stick to it, so I’m giving this one a second go. I’m always telling clients that blogging will increase traffic and SEO, but it’s about time I practised what I preached. Plus, getting decent blog content out on time three times a week is an exercise in motivation and discipline, something that definitely slipped the last few months (see goal #1) while navigating other life changes.

What are your goals for the upcoming month?