Project Spotlight: Emma Smart Creative


Emma is an incredibly talented photographer and filmographer from Christchurch, New Zealand. She wanted her website overhauled to truly reflect the quality of her work and showcase her portfolio.

We used her gorgeous photos and videos as full bleed banners to showcase her work at every turn. Even better, we added a visually interesting portfolio gallery that Emma can update easily and add category tags to each video as she goes, meaning the videos will automatically populate on the corresponding info pages for each video type!

Keeping the website colours simple (white and charcoal) meant that the focus is on Emma’s images and videos, though we added some custom fonts and 6 heading styles to keep things interesting.

Best of all – Emma’s new site meant she was able to increase her prices and see tons of great engagement when she announced her new site across her social media channels. Extra income and engagement with potential clients – that’s what I’m here to help you achieve!

Kayleigh has worked wonders on my website - I love it so much! She was so easy and professional to work with. Kayleigh responded to emails quickly, and always kept me up to date with current progress. One of the great things about working with someone with a 12-hour different time zone is that I could send an email before bed, and wake up to the new changes just like magic!

Kayleigh works incredibly quickly and efficiently, and also added a lot of complicated code that I would not have been able to do. She also worked out a lot of SEO in the back end of my website in ways I didn’t even think [of]. Thank you so much, Kayleigh!
— Emma


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