5 Golden Rules of a Well Designed Website: Part Two

How to Design a Good Website for Female Entrepreneurs

If you're interested in building a website that REALLY speaks to your ideal customer and has all the assets of a professional site, this is the blog series for you. You'll want to start with Part One, though.

Now, that ideal client is on your site. They can easily find the information they came looking for. Awesome. But we’re not done. Your website is not a fancy online business card, with some extra information and a few photos. It is a tool and should be treated as a part of your business model, even if you’re not sure how. 

Your website should be your hardest working employee. Use it to get those visitors to do what you want. I work with my 1:1 clients to figure out exactly what that extra employee’s to-do list is.  Do you want them to book an appointment? Buy your product? View your premium packages? Browse your online store? Make it clear and most importantly, make it easy.

Further to this, remember that navigation is key. There should be no dead-ends on your site. A visitor shouldn’t reach the end of a page and have to go to their browser’s back button to go to somewhere else. The back button is the website equivalent of the kiss of death. At the very least, some footer or pre-footer links are an easy way to keep a visitor moving. Even better, provide a visitor with other related content, perhaps links to appropriate blog posts, your social media or options to either become a customer or get in touch at every (reasonable) opportunity. Think of your website as a journey they are on, keep them constantly moving from ‘casual visitor’ to ‘committed client’ at every turn.