Project Spotlight: A Branch of Holly


 Holly has been an absolute dream to work with and not just because she’s a fellow Lancashire lass! She was already a seasoned Squarespace-r so she knew how easy the platform is to use and keep updated, but she wanted a professional design and some clever solutions to problems she had come up against. She handed over the reigns of her Squarespace account to me for two weeks to overhaul her website’s functionality and incorporate her beautiful new branding from Lemon and Birch and photography by Sophie Carefull.

Holly is a blogging and business coach. She was previously using one of Squarespace’s blog-specific templates but felt it made the parts of her website that advertised her coaching services cluttered and the website as a whole didn’t provide a good user experience. We decided to switch Holly over to a website template that had a blog included. As Holly’s blog is a huge part of her business, she was concerned that she would lose the ability to have a sidebar by leaving her original template… but with the magic of coding, this was solved!

Holly now has fully-functional website with optimal user experience and her blog has been refreshed with a customised sidebar. I also created some custom graphics and wrote some CSS to truly tie in all her branding elements – such as by changing up the contact form and adding colour to her social media icons.


Her eye for design and hard work produced a brand presence for me that was better than anything I could’ve imagined. She provides everything you could possibly in such a seamless experience. I have no hesitation in recommending her for Squarespace web design...thank you, Kayleigh!
— Holly, A Branch of Holly


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