Project Spotlight: Making Food Happen


Emma, founder of Making Food Happen, is a total inspiration to all the girlbosses out there! Emma works to partner businesses in the food world. She built her business out of just a hotmail account and her mobile phone. Now, she works with the likes of Hello Fresh, Jamie Oliver Group, Marks and Spencers and Morrison's. Pretty amazing, right? After six years of success she wanted to really brand herself and get an online presence (yes, that's right, she did all that without a website OR social media).

Emma was really attracted to a clean, simple look with large images, white space and parallax scrolling. She wanted her website to explain exactly what she does, be cohesive with her brand design (thanks to my new go-to branding designer, Meg at Lemon and Birch) and showcase her fabulous testimonials. Additionally, she really wanted a landing page – just her photo and company logo. It was also important to create something that would appeal to Emma's existing and established corporate clients while also appealing to up-and-coming brands in the food world.

Emma had wisely invested in professional branding and photography (shot by the wonderful Sophie Careful) so she had beautiful visuals from the get-go. With such gorgeous photos, I knew we had to make sure we were displaying them full-bleed and a home page slider gallery, with links to Emma's four pages, seemed perfect. To keep the photos as the main focus, I kept the rest of the design very minimal with no custom graphics and lot's of white space. As Emma has such glowing testimonials from big brands in the industry, it was a priority to ensure that these were presented well. Using the summary block and creating each testimonial as a blog post, meant that they could be displayed with corresponding company logos while keeping the design clean yet mobile-responsive. Quite a lot of CSS was involved to get everything just right, including adding additional text styles, a customised contact form and image positioning.

To add a little more dimension to the homepage, I suggested Emma come up with a quote we could display between her gallery and the footer. We decided to move away from the Squarespace standard quote block and create something more dynamic and visual. Emma loved the oversized apostrophes and with a little custom coding, I was able to make sure they stayed aligned with the text on all devices. We then took the same stylised look l and applied it to quotes on the Contact and Work With Me pages (again, a fair bit of custom code was required to keep the design mobile-responsive) to help create brand clarity throughout the site. This ended up being my favourite part of the design and is a look Emma could replicate in other marketing materials and on her new social media accounts if she wishes.


Kayleigh’s work is awesome! The whole process from start to finish was first class. Kayleigh’s engagement in understanding your vision, needs and wants is exceptional. I am so pleased I found her!!!!!!
— Emma White, Making Food Happen

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